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Ionizing Air Gun TG3, with flexible neck and foot pedal

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- includes foot pedal and flexible neck

- Quickly neutralizes static charges

- Ergonomically designed features

- Air pressure supply needed between 1 and 6,8 bar

- For use in electronic and cleanroom manufacturing

- Replaceable filter (0,01µm)

- Variable air flow (only Top Gun 3)

- Ionization voltage applied only when the air flows

- Ionization inherently balanced to ± 15 V

- AC technology

- Ozone production: 0,001 ppm (measured 45 cm in front of the unit)

- AirGun: Dissipative Polycarbonate/ABS

- Connecting cable: Dissipative Polyurethane

- Controller Size: 13,2 x 8,5 x 16,4 cm (W x H x D)