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PGT®130DT with integrated Data terminal and RFID Reader

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The PGT®130DT is a compact test system for accurate testing and documentation of personnel grounding with shoes,wrist strap and ESD smock according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 as well as ANSI ESD S20.20 and further processing the measurement data.

Several devices can be combined in a network and synchronized centrally with the DataTermD software.

- ID control via integrated RFID reader, data terminal and colour display.

- The test result is signalled visually and acoustically. A positive or negative result is indicated by a colour change „green/red“ with measured values.

- Simultaneous testing of wrist strap grounding, right and left shoe through separate measuring circuits.

- The measurement is carried out via sensor buttons.

- In connection with people separation systems (e.g. turnstiles), the footwear measurement can be carried out as a „series circuit“ without operating the touch plates(hands-free mode).

- Lower limit can be switched off for shoe and wristband testing.

- Can be used as a table-top or wall-mounted unit(For wall mounting the optional wall bracket is required).

- Configuration setup on the unit via push-button & display or via WEB interface.

- Mixed operation with PGT®120.COM + DataTerminal DT2, DT3 and TC18 possible.

- PGT®130.DT

- Footwear electrode

- Power supply with EU and US adapter (AC100-240V/5VDC)

- Manuel(German/English)

- Calibration certificate (German/English)